The Dragon's Egg

The heroes broke camp at dawn to find the waterfall lair of the goblins. As they approached the location given to them by the captive goblin from the day before, they heard voices over the crash of water.

A group of goblins was in front of the waterfall, standing around the stream that flowed away. One was heavily armed with a large dragonscale shield, standing in a ring of stones with glowing runes. This time stealth failed the heroes, and battle ensued.

The fanatic goblins swarmed their dragonscale champion, using their numbers to aid him. This tactic failed when Gigantor broke their ranks (and bones) with his thunder ram assault. The rest were brought down, except for one made a run through the waterfall. The group of adventurers took a moment to catch their breath, then ran through the waterfall themselves.

The last of the goblins made their stand in the twisted cave. The runner from outside triggered a small cave-in on the first ones through, and Thrail chased him down in a rage and finished him with his pickaxe. The last enemy standing was the leader, the biggest and dirtiest fighter of the tribe. A cheap shot on Hayzous left him vulnerable to the goblin’s axe, but he was quickly surrounded. The fight was soon over.

The gold horde was easy to find, a glittering cave piled high with coins. Lilly found a pit trap and the group just jumped over it. Among the coins was a large egg, hard as stone and covered in red flecks. As the group left the waterfall cave they were greeted outside by a group of dragonborn guards. They commended the group’s bravery and said Lord Draugr would live up to his promise and let them keep the gold. But he wanted the dragon’s egg.

This did not sit well with the heroes. Some hoped for a reward for the egg, some were hesitant to give it up at all, and some were afraid of trouble. They decided to travel to Drakebourn Sanctum and talk to Lord Draugr in person.

The road to his castle was lined with prisoners and criminals executed by impalement, beheading and crucifiction. The castle itself was surrounded by a swampy moat. Built from black stone by the enslaved lords of Dragonport, its towers and parapets were decorated with cages filled with decayed corpses.

They dined with Lord Draugr in his great hall. Over a fine meal they discussed their recent adventure, ancient history of Arkhosia and a lost city called Ibnath, and of course the value of the dragon egg. Draugr offered a respectable sum of gold for the egg and the heroes agreed.

Next, the heroes plan to travel to Dragonport and obtain transport to Wyvernwatch. They hope to look into the constant war between the port and its twin city Crossing.

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The Dragon's Egg

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