Forsaken Rift

The map for the Forsaken Rift comes from Dungeon #136.

Travellers in the far north might come across a crack in a large glacier, a steam vent for a volcano below. Inside this cavern of ice and rock is a small isolated land inhabited by the lost, the exiled, and the outsiders of the world.

Dragonspire is an active volcano in the center of the land. The Cinderforge mines run through it.

The Demonspire is a dead volcano, ruined by ice fiends years ago. Their ruined fortress Nak’Chakal lies at the base.

Traevantahl is the most powerful city state, ruled by eladrin wizards. The twin ports of Crossing and Wyvernwatch constantly try to out do the other, either through espionage or open war.

Dragonport is ruled by Lord Draugr, who enslaved his traitorous nobles and forced them to build his Drakebourn Sanctum.

Kharadad is a fortress built into the cavern wall, which defends the access to the Dark Road.

Fishing is the primary lifestyle, both in the freezing Frostwash and the more temperate Steamwash. There is little farmland, but with help from druids there are some orchards grown into the forests.

Forsaken Rift

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