A Call to Adventure

The heroes all came to the Forsaken Rift for different reasons, and they all met together in the town square of Dragonport. Anaxamander, wild mage and world traveller. Gigantor, a towering goliath, master of ice and rock. Lilly Stargazer, halfling outcast from her tribe. Thrail, a dragonborn who has travelled far on family business. And Hayzeus, a powerful fighter with enigmatic style.

This group of strange and dangerous adventurers were far from the lands they know, deep in a glacial cavern kept warm by volcanic activity. They had all gathered in Dragonport, ruled by the iron hand of Lord Draugr, the people’s champion. A town crier announced that a caravan of the Lord’s gold had been stolen by goblins. Anyone brave enough to hunt down the goblins would be allowed to keep the gold for themselves.

The group agreed to the quest and headed into the wilderness, following the road north towards the cliffs and Lord Draugr’s castle. They encountered a patrol of goblins. Ugly, bestial things with fur, scales and horns. Some carried crude pikes, rusty scrap metal tied to sticks. Others threw cages full of venomous insects, and one was a crude wild mage, nearly bursting with raw energy. The heroes ambushed the goblins and quickly routed them, breaking up their formation and splitting their forces. All were killed except the wild mage, who gave up the location of the goblin lair and also the reason the normally cowardly tribe was so aggressive of late.

The goblins had found a dragon’s egg, and the goblin king was gathering a horde of gold to appease the thing when it hatched.

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A Call to Adventure

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