Lord Draugr

Ruler of Dragonport. Champion of the people for making his lands safe and enslaving the cruel nobility.


Born a nobleman’s son, he was raised in the Solajrin Theopolis to keep him safe. He returned home to find that the nobles had betrayed and murdered his family. He rose to power defending his land from goblin and gnoll raids, and eventually became powerful enough to overthrow the nobility. He enslaved them and forced them to build his Drakebourn Sanctum, a great castle high in the cliffs.

Lord Draugr is feared and respected. He rules with an iron fist, but his people call him a hero. He has no mercy on his enemies, and his public tortures and executions are notorious. It is said that the town square in Dragonport has a golden chalice at the well that no one yet has been brave enough to steal.

Lord Draugr is known as a great swordsman and some say a powerful mage as well.

Lord Draugr

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